Wyndford Wagyu Aubrey Allen

Wyndford Wagyu Now Stocked by Aubrey Allen: A Perfect Partnership


At Wyndford Wagyu, we pride ourselves on producing the finest 100% pure-blood Japanese wagyu beef from our farm in Shropshire. We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership: Wyndford Wagyu is now stocked by Aubrey Allen, a third-generation family business renowned for its commitment to ethically sourced, naturally produced meat.


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Wyndford Wagyu Featured in The Telegraph’s Exploration of the term Wagyu: How can Consumers Discern the Difference?


As The Telegraph investigated the abuse of the term ‘wagyu’, their journalist talked to Wyndford Wagyu about the science and labour of love that goes into producing some of the finest grade wagyu beef in the world. 

Questioning how consumers can discern the difference in provenance is very valid, when the term wagyu is used for budget burgers in supermarkets as well as cuts of beef worth hundreds of pounds in restaurants. The main problem, they explain in their investigative piece, is that wagyu has become a ‘catch-all’ phrase, no matter how pure or diluted the wagyu is. 

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Elevate Your Easter with Wyndford Wagyu’s Roasting Joints


As Easter approaches, the season of renewal and celebration presents the perfect opportunity to embrace new traditions. This year, why not make melt-in-your-mouth Wagyu beef the focal point of your Easter feast? Wyndford Wagyu offers a modern option for a traditional holiday, with wagyu roasting joints that promise to elevate your dining experience from the comfort of home.

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Valentine's Day Wagyu at Home

The Best Food You’ll Find this Valentine’s Day is at Home


Stay in and Savour: Elevate Your Valentine’s Day with Wyndford Wagyu

The finest food you’ll find this Valentine’s Day is at home. While dining out at a fancy restaurant has its allure, this year, why not opt for a more intimate and memorable experience by staying in and crafting a culinary masterpiece together? At Wyndford Wagyu, we believe that the key to a truly indulgent Valentine’s Day lies in the comfort of your own home, where premium melt-in-your-mouth luxury Wagyu awaits, hand-selected and delivered from our farm to your front door.

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New Year New ‘Yu: The Nutritional Benefits of Wyndford Wagyu


In January, as resolutions take root and lifestyles undergo thoughtful reevaluation, it’s worth keeping in mind that you never have to compromise on taste to make healthier choices. Far beyond its famed status as melt-in-your-mouth luxury, our full-blood Japanese Wagyu beef seamlessly aligns with the essence of “New Year, New Yu.” Beyond its reputation for beautifully indulgent beef, Wyndford Wagyu’s Japanese wagyu packs a punch of nutritional benefits that align with your commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

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Great Taste Award Wagyu

Wyndford Wagyu’s Denver Steak Receives Exquisite 3-Star Great Taste Award!


We are delighted to share the fantastic news that Wyndford Wagyu’s Denver Steak has been honoured with the prestigious 3-Star Great Taste Award, signifying its exquisite flavour and quality! Only around 2% of products receive this top accolade each year, making this recognition a true testament to the exceptional taste and craftsmanship of our Denver Steak. Derived from the shoulder of our premium wagyu cattle, it is a masterpiece of marbling, texture, and juiciness that has captured the palates of the Great Taste Award judges.

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How Do We Grade the Marbling on our Wagyu Beef? The Magic of Marble Grading Camera Technology


At Wyndford Wagyu, we pride ourselves on delivering the pinnacle of flavour and tenderness with our premium wagyu beef. Behind the scenes, we employ cutting-edge technology to ensure that every bite of our wagyu delights your senses. Today, we want to shed light on a remarkable innovation that plays a crucial role in our pursuit of excellence; the Meat Imaging Japan (MIJ) Camera Technology.

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Wyndford Wagyu Conference

Reflecting on an Unforgettable Wyndford Wagyu Conference


Wyndford Wagyu recently had the privilege of hosting a remarkable Open Day in conjunction with the Warrendale Wagyu Conference in partnership with the British Wagyu Breeders Association. The event, which took place last month on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th May 2023, was an extraordinary gathering of industry professionals, farmers, and enthusiasts. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all the attendees who made this conference truly exceptional.

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Wyndford Wagyu Marble Score

Marbling Score of Wyndford Wagyu Beef Explained: A Mark of Unmatched Quality


Indulging in a succulent piece of wagyu beef is an unparalleled experience for meat connoisseurs. Known for its exquisite flavour, buttery tenderness, and melt-in-your-mouth texture, wagyu beef is a luxury meat that has earned a reputation as one of the finest culinary delicacies in the world. Among the esteemed producers of wagyu beef that we respect all around the world, at Wyndford Wagyu we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional quality here in the UK. At the heart of the distinction of our produce lies the marbling score.

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