Wyndford Wagyu, the UK’s largest Fullblood Wagyu Herd was established in 2018 following the difficult decision to disperse the Maddocks family Dairy herd. It was at that moment Philip Maddocks decided that it would be good for his father, a dairy farmer of 67 years, to have some stock on the farm. Having tasted a Wagyu steak some years ago whilst on a trip in the United States and with the desire to do something a little different, Philip sought out a handful of wagyu and imported them from Germany. And so the Wyndford Wagyu herd began.

From humble beginnings, the Wyndford herd now stands at 200 Fullblood Wagyu and continues to grow. The focus has been on investment in world class genetics from around the globe and a 200 strong Holstein recipient herd has enabled substantial herd growth and fast genetic gain. The Wyndford breeding program is based around the Australian EBV system and producing animals of size, good phenotype and meat quality. With 3 years having passed since the first animals and embryos were purchased, Wyndford Wagyu now own animals in the top 1% of the breed and have several bulls in stud around the world! The first home bred females are coming into embryo production this year marking the next chapter for the herd.

During his travels and discovery into the Wagyu Breed, Philip came into contact with Jim Hoskins and Jill Stump of the Baycroft herd as well as Ralph Valdez of Crescent Harbor Ranch, who he purchased embryos from. Due to these collaborations Philip was able to blend US and Australian genetics, building a herd in the UK with a wide genetic base. Wyndford Wagyu also own animals that are resident in the USA.

All Wyndford animals are registered with the Australian Wagyu Association, who confirm the parentage and genomic EBVs via a DNA sample within 8-10 weeks of the animal being born. This enables the early selection of both breeding males and females. The genetic elite are retained in the breeding herd to produce semen, embryos or the next generation.

Wyndford Wagyu have utilised some of the world’s most elite genetics to breed some of the finest quality fullblood wagyu. Having bred for the top 1% whilst maintaining a broad range of pedigrees and diverse genetic pool, we have some very special genetics available via live cattle, semen and embryo sales. Ultimately, the company’s focus is to be one of the world’s leading Wagyu breeders.

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