Wyndford Wagyu’s Denver Steak Receives Exquisite 3-Star Great Taste Award!

Great Taste Award Wagyu

We are delighted to share the fantastic news that Wyndford Wagyu’s Denver Steak has been honoured with the prestigious 3-Star Great Taste Award, signifying its exquisite flavour and quality! Only around 2% of products receive this top accolade each year, making this recognition a true testament to the exceptional taste and craftsmanship of our Denver Steak. Derived from the shoulder of our premium wagyu cattle, it is a masterpiece of marbling, texture, and juiciness that has captured the palates of the Great Taste Award judges.

The Great Taste Award is a highly esteemed recognition in the food and drink industry, and our Denver Steak’s 3-Star triumph celebrates the genetics and craftsmanship of our wagyu. The judges’ comments speak volumes about what has been achieved by the team on our Shropshire farm: “This is a stunner. Butter-rich, deeply succulent, incredible marbling – deep, beefy notes.” “So delicious. Creamy soft texture with a decent bite. Fantastic caramelisation and generous marbling.” “Deep flavour with a very clean tender cut. The beef is tender and melts in the mouth. The balance of fat and meat is fantastic. A mouth-watering steak.”

The Great Taste Award for our Denver Steak is a reflection of the dedication and passion that drives the entire team at Wyndford Wagyu. From the moment our wagyu cattle are brought into this world, they are met with unwavering care and respect. Our team nurtures our herd, giving them ample space to roam, access to pure water sources, and a tranquil environment that promotes their well-being. Hard work and meticulous attention to detail go into every aspect of our craft, from the selection of the finest genetics to the careful preparation of our wagyu beef.

Receiving the 3-Star Great Taste Award is a testament to the tireless efforts of our team, the unwavering care for our cattle, and the pursuit of excellence in our craft. We are immensely proud of this achievement, and it only fuels our passion to continue producing wagyu beef of unparalleled quality and flavour.

Our gratitude goes out to our dedicated team, our loyal customers, and everyone who has supported us on this journey. From our farm to your front door, you can experience the exquisite taste of Wyndford Wagyu’s award-winning Denver Steak. 

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