The Difference Between Supermarket Wagyu and Wyndford Wagyu

The Difference in Supermarket Wagyu compared to premium full-blood wagyu

As National Wagyu Day approaches on 21st June, it’s the perfect time to delve into the unique qualities of Wagyu beef and understand what sets premium full-blood Japanese Wagyu apart from the Wagyu you might find on supermarket shelves.

Supermarket Wagyu: Convenience Over Quality

Supermarkets require large volumes of products, and this demand has led to a more efficient yet compromised approach to Wagyu production. The most common method involves cross breeding Wagyu with dairy herds. Dairy cows, such as Holsteins, are bred with Wagyu to produce calves that boast better marbling than other beef breeds used in dairy herds, such as Angus.

This crossbreeding results in a product known as Crossbred Wagyu or F1 Wagyu, which contains 50% Wagyu genetics and 50% Holstein. While this Wagyu often tastes better than typical beef, it falls short of delivering the rich, umami flavour profile that true Wagyu enthusiasts crave. Additionally, supermarket Wagyu typically scores between 3-6 on the marble scale.


Wyndford Wagyu: The Pinnacle of Quality

At Wyndford Wagyu, we pride ourselves on providing 100% full-blood Japanese Wagyu, meticulously DNA-tested to ensure pure lineage tracing back to the original cattle exported from Japan in the 1970s. This dedication to quality means our Wagyu consistently achieves marble scores ranging from 9-11.

Our rigorous standards involve the use of the Meat Image Japan (MIJ) Camera, which grades each carcass on multiple meat quality traits, such as marble score, eye muscle area, marble fineness and the digital marbling percentage. This technology allows us to transparently promote the exceptional quality of our Wagyu and help our customers select the perfect marble score to suit their palate.


What are the Differences in Supermarket-Bought Wagyu and Premium Full-blood Wyndford Wagyu?

Feature Supermarket Wagyu Wyndford Wagyu
Genetics 50% Wagyu, 50% other breed 100% Full-Blood Japanese Wagyu
Marble Score 3-6 g-11 (so far)
Flavour Profile Increased marbling & tenderness vs other beef breeds The full wagyu experience, Rich and buttery with great depth of Umami flavour
Production Method Cross bred with dairy cows across the country 100% Wagyu bred on our Shropshire farm, DNA tested & traced back to Japanese origins
Quality Assurance Some producers use MIJ Camera Grading MIJ Camera grading

Why Choose Wyndford Wagyu?

Choosing Wyndford Wagyu means opting for an unparalleled eating experience. Our full-blood Wagyu offers a melt-in-the-mouth texture and a flavour profile bursting with rich, buttery umami notes that supermarket Wagyu simply cannot match.

This National Wagyu Day, elevate your dining experience with Wyndford Wagyu’s premium range of cuts and taste the difference that true quality makes.

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