Wagyu Denver Steak


The Denver steak is a lesser known cut and a Wagyu best kept secret! It comes from the beef chuck primal cut, which runs along the flat side of the shoulder blade and is well known for rich roasts. Due to the extensive marbling of Wagyu beef, this Denver steak is like no other! Like finding a diamond in the rough, its flavour, marbling and tenderness make it truly exceptional. This steak is best cooked longer to allow the fat to soften and caramelise. An absolute showstopper and an experience not to be missed! This flavour rich Denver steak is ideally served cooked, sliced and shared.

We recommend a 200g serving per person – A 400g steak serves 2 people

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UK mainland orders placed before 11am will be despatched the same day, unless the order is placed after 11am on Friday, these orders will be despatched the following Monday. We are passionate about our Premium Fullblood Wagyu, how it is raised, finished, aged and prepared, therefore its arrival with you is extremely important to us. Products will be shipped frozen.

For Use By, see back of pack. Keep refrigerated 0°C to +5°C. Once opened use immediately. This product is frozen and not suitable for refreezing. Defrost thoroughly before use. Once defrosted keep refrigerated and eat within date mark shown.


Cut from the chuck, a cross section of muscles that get increased amounts exercise, the Denver steak, otherwise known the serratus ventralis muscle, is one of the lesser used muscles  located under the blade portion of the chuck roll. It has unusually good blood supply, which increases the flavour and tenderness. Like finding a diamond in the rough, its flavour, marbling and tenderness make it truly exceptional. The Denver steak has been ranked the 4th most tender cut, with great flavour and texture and remains juicy if cooked correctly.

Cooking Instructions

Shallow Fry – From Ambient.
1) Remove from packaging 10 mins before cooking. Preheat pan on High.
2) Lightly oil and season steak.
3) Place into dry pan. Turn halfway through cooking.

Rare 2-3 mins, medium 3-6 mins
Rest for 5 mins before serving.

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9, 11


150g, 175g, 200g, 225g, 250g, 275g, 300g, 325g, 350g, 375g


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20.8g, of which saturates 7.7g


0.3g of which sugars <0.1g







Only the highest standards for rearing the finest Full-Blood Wagyu cattle.

Wyndford Wagyu is located in a beautiful corner of Shropshire. Here we lovingly raise our Wagyu cattle in a calm and peaceful environment. Our focus on animal health and welfare has developed comfortable and social environments where our animals can freely express their natural behaviour. Grown on luscious green pastures, our cattle also have 24 hours access to starch-rich background feed. This promotes the animal to lay down additional fat cells within the muscle.

Here at Wyndford Wagyu, we specialise in Full-Blood Wagyu Beef. This is where both parents are 100% Wagyu and are traced all they way back to Japanese origin. All our animals are registered with the Australian Wagyu Association where they are DNA Parentage checked. This provides full genetic traceability and awards prized Full-Blood Status.

Full-Blood Wagyu is superior in its eating qualities to all other breeds of cattle – including F1 Wagyu beef. The intramuscular fat breaks down upon cooking producing extremely tender and flavoursome meat.

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