Bay Maddocks


What is your background?

During the 2020 COVID lockdown Bay joined the Wyndford Wagyu team to make sure she made the most of her time off school and broadened cattle knowledge and practical skills. Before this time, Bay had done very little with cattle but soon developed a passion and love for the Wagyu and the wider Business.

What is your role & responsibility?

Bay works on the farm in a part time capacity. When she is here she covers a wide range of jobs including; calf feeding and husbandry, milking, cattle handling and even completes work in the office such as; social media posts, website content writing etc. She is a very dynamic member of the team who will have a go at any task she is faced with.

Favourite part of the job?

“My favourite part of the job is definitely feeding the calves, this was the first job that I was good at, I love spending the time with the babies, giving them lots of cuddles and attention. I also enjoy the halter training, it provides one on one time with some of the animals and there is nothing more rewarding than when you can take your cow for a walk instead of it taking you”

Favourite animal?

“My favourite animal is Wyndford Big Daddy, as his name suggests he was a rather large calf and we had a bit of fun naming him! He is a huge character and had to have some extra TLC in the early stages due to a minor navel issue which, with a little time and some iodine, is now fully resolved.”

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