Darren Malpass

Yard Supervisor

What is your background?

Darren worked on a local farm when growing up and after leaving school. He has since spent the last 20 years working for Rob doing Fencing & Estate Maintenance. He too has spent that time experiencing many different farms and farming practices and brings with him a huge passion for machinery and a wealth of knowledge which is invaluable for running and maintaining a busy farm yard!

What is your role & responsibility?

As Yard Supervisor, Darren has the responsibility for day to day maintenance of yard and field infrastructure. His main responsibilities include; feeding, bedding, mucking out, building and field maintenance and of course, Fencing!

Favourite part of the job?

“I honestly enjoy all aspects of my role, but if I had to pick one thing, it would probably be the early morning routine of feeding and bedding. I arrive on farm before anybody else and take a huge amount of enjoyment seeing the cattle bedded up with clean, fresh straw and filling up on a freshly mixed ration ahead of anybody else turning up.”

Favourite animal?

“My favourite animal is Wyndford Rueshaw 74Z otherwise affectionately known as RED, he is the only Akaushi or “Red Wagyu” in his pen, he is full of attitude and a proper BULL!!”

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