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Meet Our Herd

Life on a farm is a school of patience; you can't hurry the crops or make a cow in two days.

Our Herd is at the forefront of everything we do! From conception to today, we have worked with top class breeders around the world, benefitting from their years of hard work and great breeding programmes. We have developed our foundation herd and are ready to promote our own exciting genetics worldwide!

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The Wyndford Way

We have a strong sense of responsibility here at Wyndford Wagyu. The Herd, their welfare and the wider environment is at the heart of everything that we do! We are proud to promote ethical, sustainable and regenerative farming practices throughout our business.

It’s not just words, it’s really happening! Take a look at our Explore the Farm page to learn more.

Explore the Farm
Wyndford Loshimi

Your name is the most important thing you own

Here at Wyndford Wagyu, we believe that each and every animal deserves its own name and to be known by it. All our animals are individuals, always!

Each animal is named, DNA tested and registered with the Australian Wagyu Association within the first few weeks of life. This ensures that all animals are who we think they are, providing full traceability. We also receive full genomic EBV’s to aid in future breeding decisions. To view our entire herds EBV’s please view The Wyndford Herd.

The Wyndford Herd
meet the herd

You can't choose family, but friends choose you

Social interactions are so important amongst cattle. It’s why we believe that animals should be kept together in social groups as much as possible. We pair all our cattle in same sex hutches from day one. When mixed into larger social groups we keep pairs together to ensure that they always have their buddy, whether housed through the winter or out grazing in the spring and summer.

We also value the importance of the maternal bond and go above and beyond to ensure our cattle have the ability to express and experience this natural behaviour.

bay maddocks with cow

Compassion is Key

It is extremely important to us, that our cattle are born and raised in an environment free from stress and fear. All cattle handling is performed in a calm and controlled manner where we treat them with the upmost respect. Any treatments are completed on an individual animal basis to reduce unnecessary blanket treatments therefore championing the responsible use of on farm medicines.

We maintain a stocking densities that are well below the industry standard, to ensure all our cattle have the space to express their natural behaviour.

There is nothing more natural to a cow than to forage and graze, here at Wyndford Wagyu we love nothing more than spring turn out and the cattle being outdoors.

Cows in a Barn

Hitting that Marbling Window

Like with all animals and humans, nutrition is key, but to get a Wagyu to perform, feed is vital.

A Wagyu’s ability to reach its genetic potential for marbling is set at a very early age, from weaning to around 250 days. Nutrient rich feed increases the number of intramuscular fat cells in the animal, which improves its performance in later life. As the animal fully matures, and all skeletal and lean growth is completed, the animal will then begin to fill those marbling cells with fat.

Here at Wyndford Wagyu we ensure, at all times, that the cattle have what they need to succeed to genetic potential. Which translates to the super products that will be available in our online shop.