Joe Millington

Assistant Stockman

What is your background?

Joe has been brought up surrounded by agriculture his entire life. Encouraged by his maternal Grandfather both Joe and his Father explored the beef and sheep industry, they now have around 40 cattle and 100 sheep. Joe has spent many a summer helping on the local Arable farm, potato grading and completing some tractor and fork lift work in more recent years. He had also completed some work with Rob & Darren fencing prior to starting at Wyndford Wagyu, when offered the opportunity to complete his College Work Experience here Joe was excited for the new challenge.

What is your role & responsibility?

On the days that Joe is with us, he works alongside the whole farm team as a relief member of staff. Therefore providing him with the opportunity and experience to complete varying tasks from calf feeding to mucking out, calving to milking and summer tasks including hay turning and bale carting.

Favourite part of the job?

“My favourite part of the job is putting out the background feed when the cattle are out at grass, it is always early in the morning, just me and the cattle and I love that. I also enjoy any Tractor work that I can get my hands on, last summer I turned the Hay and did some topping. Finally, I enjoy working with the cattle, especially putting in heat tags and removing them when the animal is confirmed in calf.”

Favourite animal?

“My favourite animal is Marmalade, he is one of the Red Wagyu we have here on the farm, he is full of character and has a real attitude, you can always hear him before you see him. He is also a great looking bull”

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