Jo Richards

Youngstock Supervisor

What is your background?

Jo has a strong livestock background, she was raised on her families small holding and enjoyed helping her Dad on a local dairy farm milking and calf rearing. After running her own business for some time, Jo heard about the exciting opportunity at Wyndford Wagyu and made the leap back into her dream job on the doorstep!

What is your role & responsibility?

Jo’s role as Youngstock Supervisor involves all aspects of calf rearing and youngstock management including, feeding, bedding, medical treatments and encouraging all calves to thrive. Jo knows all her babies by name, character and habits meaning she is very quick to spot early signs of illness so calves are treated before the situation exculates.

Favourite part of the job?

“I love all aspects of my role here at Wyndford Wagyu, but if asked what my very favourite part was, I would have to say bedding down. I love to see the calves bouncing and skipping around as I put their new bedding in, then watching them snuggle down with full tummies in their new fluffy straw. I also get a real buzz out of meeting each new arrival, I get so enthusiastic about the challenge to them get big and strong ahead of weaning.”

Favourite animal?

“My favourite calf is Valor, he was the most amazing character, when on milk he was always the most excited of his group to see me appear around the corner with the milk taxi at feed time.”

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